Outsider MUSIC launches...


[08.01.20] We're excited to announce the official launch and release of Outsider MUSIC, a new production music library specializing in sync for advertising, film, television and digital media.  Outsider was created by accomplished ad composers, Marc Aaron Jacobs of LA's Tonal Chaos and Greg Wiktorski of Push MP in Rochester NY.   With over 35 combined years of experience in the industry, they set out to create a library with a curated roster of industry heavy-hitters.   


Outsider MUSIC's private catalog currently hosts  four different labels containing over 4300 hand-crafted tracks and 114 albums, all covering a wide range of styles and genres.  Although OutsiderMUSIC is new, you have more than likely heard their work on some of your favorite Emmy award-winning TV shows, SuperBowl ads, films, social media campaigns and video games.

Our labels:


OUTSIDER MXour general library containing 55 curated albums of different genres and styles.

AD-MXa collection of 60, 30 and 15 second cuts specifically created for advertising. 

SCOREFull-length cues designed to accompany your film, TV show or docu-series.

SONIC BRANDING: compilation of stingers, transitions and audio branding logos.

Click here to preview our collection.  If you’d like to create custom playlists, download, or license any of our music, simply create an account here